The Sensory Revolution: Empowering Parents to Thrive During Sensory Integration Dysfunction

“A Practical Sensory Guide in Raising the Extraordinary Child”

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Dear overwhelmed sensory parent,

Are you anxious of social events or holidays?

Does your child have difficulties with everyday activities such as brushing teeth, dressing, showering or even falling asleep?

Is your child a picky eater?

Do you need your spouse or family to get on board with understanding your child’s sensory needs?

I understand the daily challenges that families like yours are facing on a daily basis. I have worked as a sensory integration trained occupational therapist for over 21 years with children with sensory processing difficulties and their families.

It is common to hear that parents are not always clear how to resolve their child’s dysregulation which can be challenging, confusing and emotional.

The truth is many parents are still challenged in separating if its sensory or a behavior.

  • What if you could get a step by step guide explaining the WHY’s behind the sensory dysregulations?
  • What if you could have practical strategies and tools to implement with specific and concrete examples?

I paid attention and listened to the questions, struggles and queries that described the day to day challenges from parents of children with sensory issues. That’s why I designed this online course.

“The Sensory Revolution: Empowering Parents to Thrive during Sensory Integration Dysfunction” was developed specifically for parents like you.

You need guidance, examples and how-to's that work in real life.

  • This program is for you:
    • “If you are ready to get concrete tips and examples to help”.
    • "Are you ready to implement sensory diets?"
    • “If you are ready to learn sensory methods to better manage your sensory child”

This brand new 4-week self-paced course has been created to FINALLY bring exactly what you need to help your sensory child and your family.

You’ll receive…

  • weekly recorded video lessons and
  • we’ll meet once a week live so I can answer your questions

Imagine this scene for a moment:

  • Having a better understanding of your child’s emotional dysregulation and managing the situation effectively by using effective sensory strategies to keep your child self-regulated.
  • Being able to discriminate when your child is having sensory issues or a behavior, and having practical strategies.
  • Being better prepared to explain your child’s sensory issues to your loved ones.
  • Social events and holidays no longer make you anxious.

  • Best of all, coming home and knowing there will be no tug of war with your child.

The online course includes:


Practical strategies: tips, worksheets, sensory activities, sensory diet chart and cheat sheet cards to implement immediately for everyday challenges.

Resources and rolodex: Extra Books and websites to enhance your education

Private Facebook Group: join the online parent group where you can meet, share and discover a community who appreciates you.

Convenience: You can listen and watch the lessons at your own pace


“When we met Dr. Krishnan, it was different approach to our child and me. She was teaching me, giving me ideas what I can do and how I can work with Nadia, giving me information where I can find stuff (internet sides, catalogs). She was my resource person. The occupational therapy sessions were wonderful and we had a very positive experience with Dr. Krishnan.” Bo Brogan, Chicago, Illinois

“Another major issue has been head and oral defensiveness.She would not tolerate brushing her hair or teeth.Again, through Sensory Integration therapy, she can now independently brush her teeth and we are about ¾ of the way through the hair issues.” Julia Robichaud, Chicago, Illinois

“You were truly a lifesaver with my son Aaron Rodriguez!! You helped him understand how he could control his “craziness” by doing simple exercises and techniques to reduce his anxiety. You helped me as the parent to be a better advocate for him educating others about Aaron’s sensory integration. Never thought when we first started seeing you Aaron would be thriving and almost graduating college!!” Romi Pa, Chicago, Illinois

Your Instructor

Dr Kavitha N Krishnan
Dr Kavitha N Krishnan
I am Dr. Kavitha N Krishnan an occupational therapist with 21 years of extensive experience in pediatrics. I have guest lectured at University of Illinois Chicago and serve as adjunct faculty at Winston-Salem State University. I also collaborate in clinical research, I have presented a short course at the AOTA and presented several poster presentations at the Annual Occupational Therapy Summit of Scholars. I received my Diploma in Occupational Therapy from Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore) and my Bachelors with Honors from University of Teeside (UK). I completed my post-professional Masters in Health Rehabilitation from University of Pittsburgh (USA) and my post-professional Doctorate of Occupational Therapy at the University Of Illinois-Chicago (USA). I have completed 2 Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) fellowships with a focus on Autism. I am the occupational therapy supervisor for a Developmental Disabilities Center for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and I am the owner of Healing Synergy LLC. I conduct workshops and I am the author of "The SI Solution: The Definitive Family Guide to Thriving During Sensory Integration Dysfunction".

Empowering the Sensory Parent in Raising a Happy Family

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts every month and lasts for 4 weeks ! It is a completely self-paced online course - there is a online group Q/A every week on Saturday.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.